5 Ways We Save Time in Our Business

Disclaimer: Some of the links in this article are affiliate links and while I may receive a commission or referral discount should you choose to purchase something, I would never include a link to anything I have not personally found to be an asset to my business or life. 

For many years, I was a solopreneur so when Jake left his job in the coal mine to start working with me, we found out we had to get organized and on the same page quickly. We were working around the clock and barely spending any time with our girls and then it hit us. 

What are we doing? 

We wanted to be self employed so we could have more time with our family but we had to get organized to finish working at a reasonable hour every day. These are our five favorite ways we have found to save time every day. We made a promise to our kids that we wouldn’t cancel family night for work anymore and these are the ways we have kept that promise, even if they are too busy to hang out with us half the time now that they are in middle school! 

1. Wunderlist App:

I was previously using this app for keeping a goal list but now we use it as a running to do list for everything in our life. We can assign tasks to Jake or me, otherwise we leave them open if they are tasks we need to work on together. Categorizing everything we need to get done and setting due dates helps us stay on track without constantly needing to discuss what is the next priority is. We also have recurring tasks set up to remind us of things that need done repeatedly, like paying sales tax every 3 months. 

2. Personal Brand Photography:

When we started specializing in personal brand photography, we realized we had to do personal brand photoshoots for ourselves as well. Working with a personal brand photographer lets you get all of your photos for the month or quarter in one day. Now we have time to interact with people on social media everyday instead of trying to come up with content to post. 

We are currently booking single photoshoots in the Pittsburgh area, or anywhere really, we love to travel! We are also looking for up to 4 entrepreneurs in the Austin, TX area that need monthly photo shoots. Use the button below to set up a call if you’re interested in working with us.  

3. Trello:

From what I hear Trello is one of the most used and most versatile apps in the entrepreneur world at the moment but we use it solely to keep track of our social media content and ideas. 

Often, we think of things we could post on social media while we are doing other tasks. Sometimes, I’m scrolling Pinterest and find a great quote I want to use. We put all of these ideas, quotes, articles, anything we find into Trello.  

Instead of taking time to find content, we simply keep track of things as we think of them. Now we still spend an hour or two every month looking for ideas for our content calendar but having a quick way to log things has cut this time down drastically. 

4. Coschedule:

Plan out all of your social media content for the week or the month. We look at our ideas in Trello and then use CoSchedule to set everything. We post to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Linkedin. Even our Instagram posts go on automatically using Buffer with CoSchedule.

We plan our content for the whole month in one day. We enter any major marketing events first, then blog post campaigns, and fill in the calendar with fun interactive posts or sharing content from other websites. Every week we check through our posts to make sure everything is ready to go online, and fix any errors. 

If you think CoSchedule might help you save time in your business, you can use this pink button to try them for free!

5. Appointy:

Emailing back and forth with clients can take up a ton of time when the conversation would be best done over the phone. Even finding out when your client would like to talk with you can take several emails back and forth.

So we set up a way for our clients to schedule a call to plan their sessions. When someone is interested in a session with us, they can choose a time that is good for us to give them a call. We tried a few similar options and are currently using Appointy because it integrates with Instagram as a Call to Action. Then we set up these global buttons on our site so that we can add the link to set up a call with us anywhere.  

These are our top 5 ways to save time within our business day. We would love to hear from you! How do you save time? Are you using any of these same tools? 

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