How to plan your social media content monthly

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Last January, Jake left his job in the coal mine to work with me from home. After running my photography business as Erika Hatfield Photography for over 8 years, we rebranded as Hatfield Photography, specializing in personal brand photography, and are getting ready to relocate our family to Austin, TX this year. I began teaching photography last year and Jake was busy developing new recipes and getting ready to launch his food blog…

IT WAS INSANE! We got so overwhelmed just trying to keep up with day to day tasks and social media that I never got my website online for my second business and Jake hasn’t been able to launch his blog. At Christmastime, we realized it was time to make some tough decisions. Either we find a way to manage the three businesses or we go back to regular jobs because the stress was starting to cause fights over everything. 

As personal brand photographers, we help clients free up time to do other things and that is when it hit us… WE NEEDED PERSONAL BRAND PHOTOGRAPHY to make this all work. Here are the exact steps we took to get set up for this month, which we will be repeating every month because I mean seriously… I have time to actually write this blog post so it must be working!  

Step 1:

Plan out all of your social media content for the month. We use CoSchedule to set everything up and love it so far. We post to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Linkedin and enter any major marketing events first, then blog post campaigns, and fill in the calendar with fun interactive posts or sharing content from other websites. 

Step 2:

Work with a personal brand photographer to get all of your photos for the month or quarter in one day. Use your content calendar while planning the photo shoot to ensure you get photos of all of the stories of your personal brand that you are going to need before your next session. We are currently looking for up to 4 entrepreneurs in the Austin, TX area that need monthly photo shoots. Use the button below to set up a call if you’re interested in working with us.  

Step 3:

Finish filling in your content calendar with your new images, ensuring everything is ready to auto post. If you use CoSchedule, you’ll get reminders when it’s time to post to Instagram but all of the other social networks we are using do autopost. We also use the app, Trello, to track ideas for our next personal brand photo shoot so we don’t forget the fun ideas that we think of during the work day. 

This is a 2 week view of all of our social media posts and blog posts. We color coded the content calendar so that we could quickly tell which posts were for Hatfield Photography, Next Level Photo Education, and Hangry Hatters. 

It took us a little longer to get it set up for the first month but we plan to spend 3 days each month completing the same steps. For the first time in my career, I am posting consistently on social media which will make the busier photography months so much easier. One of our goals this year was to work less hours and spend more time with family. Planning our content out for the whole month is going to give us a lot more Friday game nights with the girls. 

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