Personal brand photos at Nice Ink

 As soon as we walked in the door at Nice Ink we knew Erika’s tattoo was going to be awesome!

Artwork is plastering the walls, and not just tattoo designs and ideas, Painted canvases, figurines, custom tables, and the Mortal Kombat II arcade game! With an iPad to view their artists’ tattoos, they show off each individuals personal style. 

Leo was the artist that was chosen to tattoo Erika. He was referred by another artist because his style would line up with what Erika was looking for. He drew up the design from an old photo of Erika’s childhood Doberman, Damien, and it far surpassed her idea of what she wanted.

After he was finished, fairly quickly I might add, Erika was blown away! It looked even better than what he drew up for her. The colors and shading are amazing. We both really loved all of his artwork around his area.

I had to catch a few shots of his Punch-Out drawing and the figures on the wall. 

I had a great time taking photos and checking out all of the awesome artwork on the walls at Nice Ink! All of the artists have a unique style. They have options to help you save by taking advantage of their Tattooed Scumbag Club membership.

Erika recently teamed up with – not just a  tattoo directory, we have listings for tattooed business owners, public figures, tattoo-centric non-profit organizations, and others.

Along with a variety of local entrepreneurs, we are filming a series of webinars on how to take better photos for social media but one of the first ones we plan to film is for tattoo artists! 

For more information on having your tattoos done with Nice Ink, you can check them out on facebook at:

Need photos for your business or personal brand? We would love to work with you! 

For more information visit our main page at or use the button below to schedule a call with us to get all of your questions answered! 

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