Personal Brand Photos for Hangry Hatters

In 2011, I found out I was allergic to milk and then in 2016, I was diagnosed with Celiac disease. And then in 2017, I found out I had also become allergic to tree nuts. No fad diets here, milk and tree nuts can kill me and gluten makes me sick for days. 

Jake does all the cooking in our house and lucky for me he has been able to come up with some amazing recipes over the years. 

We really can’t eat out much because there aren’t many places than can accommodate all of my restrictions. Being active in several gluten free groups online, we decided that creating a blog to share Jake’s recipes would be really helpful to others with multiple allergies. So many gluten free recipes contain milk and tree nuts. 

Since we are the Hatfields and I get pretty hangry, Jake named his blog Hangry Hatters and you can check it out at 

He’s currently posting a series of 8 different ways to make a gluten free burger… this one is my favorite, for now. 

We have really enjoyed photographing food even though it can be difficult to take a photo before you start eating at times. I have definitely done some creative crops to hide the side I took a few bites from already. 

Back in November, I started working out and coaching with Beachbody so we include fitness updates on the Hangry Hatters blog as well. I’m still working to get consistent with working out while the winter germs keep taking over in our house. 

We try to take all of the photos we will need to post on social media for this blog and all of our social media pages in one day every month. Then we use CoSchedule to make sure we post consistently for Hatfield Photography, Next Level Photo Education, and Hangry Hatters. 

Without personal brand photography and an organized marketing strategy, there is no way we could get everything done for our businesses. 

Are you an entrepreneur with more than one business or a blogger in the Pittsburgh, PA area? We would love to help you with your photography and content scheduling so you can spend more time doing what you do best. 

Let’s talk – use the pink button below to schedule a good time for us to give you a call and evaluate your needs. 

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