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I had been looking into microblading for myself when we set up a photo shoot with Domonique. For one, I had no idea how gorgeous Fluhme GlamBar was going to be. It was the most beautiful location to photograph with the incredible lighting and shimmery decor. Domonique has a huge following on Instagram so I was excited to see her in action. 

Most of Domonique’s photos were captured candidly while she was working with two different clients. We photographed the entire process so that her potential clients can see views of her working in her studio along with close up shots showing exactly how microblading works.  

For entrepreneurs who provide a unique service, personal brand photography can be a great way to show your clients exactly what to expect. I know being able to see the process made me far more comfortable going back in to have my eyebrows done by Domonique. 

While Domonique regularly posts great photos and videos on her Instagram, we learned a lot about Instagram from her while we were working together. She went live while doing eyebrows for the second client of the day and we got some really neat pictures which are very typical on a regular day at the salon. So many followers were watching live as she did her clients eyebrows and we have begun going live during photo shoots after finding out how much potential clients love to see what happens behind the scenes. Learning new things from one another has been one of our favorite things about making the change from family photography to personal brand photography. 

Domonique is an industry leader in her field who regularly teaches sold out classes on how to do microblading. So when I went to have my eyebrows done, she had a full room of students, and Jake came along with me to get some more photos showing this other story of Domonique’s brand. 

See what Domonique said about her session:

Hatfield Photography is relocating this year and we are available for photo shoots in both locations. We have openings for personal brand photography in the Pittsburgh, PA area through June and in Austin, TX as soon as May! 

For more information visit our main page at or use the button below to schedule a call with us to get all of your questions answered! 

For more information on having your eyebrows done with Domonique, you can check out her    IG at:

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